IT Asset Disposition (ITAD)

In this cutting-edge world, as the business flourishes, the companies seek to retire their obsolete and unwanted IT equipment or want to upgrade their IT infrastructure. ITAD is a process to help these companies out to dispose of these equipments considering the data security and value of the IT assets. The service taker must sagaciously hire an ITAD service provider as it is important to comprehend that the ITAD process must be a lucrative one for the company.

As the market size of information technology is growing day by day both nationally and globally at an unexpected rate thus the demand for ITAD companies is also proliferating. If we talk about India only, it has become the center of digital capability of the globe as around 75% of world’s digital potential percentage is present India. It is anticipated that by 2025 the industry will grow to US$ 350 billion. This shows the promising future of ITAD companies.

Our ITAD process includes:

The best evaluation of your business resources to capitalize on your ROI
Inventory and elimination of outmoded equipment
Thorough analysis of the reuse, reselling or donation prospects
Protected hard drive shredding
Safe data sanitizing and destruction
E-waste recycling in accordance to the regulatory standards
Certificate of destruction stating responsible recycling
Complete coverage on the ultimate disposition of assets
5 Tips for an effective IT Disposal Process

  1. Secured Process: Your IT equipment contains confidential data of your company, so handling the data in wrong hands could lead the company in big problem. And that could be more precarious than anything. So, make sure that the vendor that you choose must follow a secured process for data destruction and you must apprise yourself with that procedure by asking the vendor each and every possible question in prior.
  2. Lucrative: It is obvious that with the passage of time the value of the machinery which you are using gets depreciate. But that does not mean that the ITAD process can not be a profitable one. You only need to consider a few things:

First and foremost, hire a vendor whose transport charges are genuine so that you do not need to ponder about the moving process of the apparatuses which are being under the ITAD process.
Secondly, when it comes to get back value of money of the machinery, time does matters. So, you must sale out the equipment considering the everyday innovation in equipment.
Thirdly, you must comprehend whether the vendor follows a proper market channel to reach to the end customers.

  1. Vendor Selection: In the bygone days, ITAD was not a well known term. Vendors were also limited. But in the modern era, as the tech investment has burgeoned, the definition of ITAD service has changed to a great extent. There are numerous companies which provide ITAD services, so, whilst you are choosing a vendor to whom you have selected to acquire their services, you must ponder twice.

Vendor selection plays an imperative role. Not only a good vendor but a vendor having bundle of qualities must be chosen which further can be conducive for your company.

  1. Eco-Friendly disposal: IT equipment parts are usually not environment friendly. The equipment could release hazardous material in disposal process. So make sure all IT equipment dispose off must be in eco-friendly manner. For this purpose, there are certain processes which could be followed, wiping the Hard Drives and Shredding, for instance.
  2. Re-marketing: Once the data got dispose off, there are some vendors who offer you to re-market the IT equipment in lieu of the outright destruction. This could be an appreciable decision as this will generate money value for you and help you out to expand the IT infrastructure at your premises.