Must Key Questions To Ask When Choosing IT Asset Disposal Company

There are many aspects that need to be considered when finding the right Company to reuse or recycle your It assets. Data security, environmental and legislative compliance, and maximizing asset recovery value are three principal considerations that need to be addressed. In the long run, finding the right Company will protect you from data crack, and keep you out of litigation for improper disposal. This white paper details the critical, must-ask questions when evaluating ITAD service providers. By focusing on the responses to these key questions, you can ensure that your ITAD Company will meet or exceed your expectations for data security, compliance, and value recovery

So how do you choose which ITAD Company and if you already working with an ITAD, how confident are you with their current IT Asset disposal process?

Let us guide you with some of the key questions you should ask an ITAD Company before trusting them

1. What is their experience in the market?

Check when the ITAD Company was established and if they have had a successful track record in providing secure IT disposal services.  Who are their customers and what they say about them?. The ITAD Company should also be able to provide you with details of how many items they have processed and/or wiped each year giving you an idea of the size of the operation that they run.

2. What security measures do you take throughout the disposal process?

With the consequences of a security breach being so adverse, you should choose an ITAD Company that has security at the leading edge of their business. Ask about the security at their facilities so you can be confident that the process is being carried out in a secure environment.

Do they have 24/7 manned security onsite, secure perimeter fencing, secured/locked down entrances? Will, they let you visit the facilities? What about the people in the company – are their employees fully vetted? What are their staff training procedures?

3. What software/hardware do you use to wipe/destroy disks?

When it comes to ensuring data is destroyed from redundant media there are a number of different options that can be taken into deliberation including degaussing, shredding and erasure. This is one of the most important questions to ask because if the data is not 100% destroyed then you are opening yourself up to a potential data breach.

4. How do you track the equipment throughout the process and how do you report on it?

Do you know what happens to your IT equipment once you pass it into the control of your ITAD partner? Be sure to use an ITAD partner who provides you with comprehensive audit trails so you know where your equipment is at all times. The audit report is evidence that they have complied with regulations by using asset tracking software to provide complete end to end visibility of each individual piece of equipment throughout the service process. Ask what item information they record i.e. item type, make/model, serial number/asset tag? Will they provide you with proof that the data has been permanently erased by providing you with reports that have been generated? And if the data has been destroyed through shredding, will they issue you with a Certificate of Destruction?

5. Are you registered with the relevant legislation to be carriers of controlled waste?

You need to ensure that the ITAD partner you choose is compliant with the standards required in accordance with the Regulation on E-Waste. Is the waste being processed at a licensed Approved Authorized Treatment Facility? You could also ask about their environmental policy. Are they able to tell you what percentage of material from their IT equipment is recovered for reuse and provide a full audit trail of where the waste material ends up?

Is the ITAD market really as competitive as you think?

We mentioned that there are many companies that claim to provide IT Asset Disposal Services. However, once you begin to ask questions about their processes you will find that there are only a select few partners who are able to cover all the elements mentioned. You have to decide whom to use and whom to trust with your data and IT disposal requirements.

Remember you are responsible for your data. If you pick a partner that adheres to all of the above points then you can have confidence and peace of mind that your data is safe and in good hands.