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Maxicom Network is the leading buyer of IT surplus inventories, excess stocks, aging inventories and handling data center IT asset management company in India. We manage the complete process from IT asset disposition, remarketing, logistics, secure data erasure/destruction and recycling of assets to recover value and greener planet.

Maxicom handles reverse logistics, complete datacentre decommissioning, de-installation, liquidation, and buyback of IT equipment. We have unique server and networking equipment buyback solutions tailored for leasing companies, datacenter, recyclers, cloud service providers and VARs in India.

Maxicom specializes in trade Ins, buyback off-lease datacenter equipment .-i-e servers, storage, networking, power & rest of enterprise and commercial IT assets, including desktop and laptops from the datacenter, hosting providers, cloud businesses and Govt. organizations.

We buy server processors like Intel Xeon v3, v4, gold processors and other networking and telephony equipment. Whether your organization is big or small, with its extensive experience providing on-site off-site data erasure services, Maxicom becomes a single-stop solution for your complete ITAD (disposal process).

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